Gateway SRS is a service for Domain Registrars|Resellers|Owners

363 domain extensions available
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A Gateway SRS integration will benefit you in the following ways:

Single Integration

On-board once with Gateway SRS and gain access to 363 domains. Manage your Domain Portfolio online in Portal or with WHMCS, JSON API or EPP XML integrations.


Competitive pricing offered on all listed domains. We do not inflate or hide renewal pricing after the first year unlike some other providers do.

Portfolio Growth

As we grow with domain products offered, so can you. Benefit from an increased portfolio without having to on-board and integrate multiple times. We do all the heavy lifting with Registry integrations.


If a reseller is directly accredited with a registry but wants to consolidate technical operations, Gateway SRS provides a convenient service known as 'passthrough'.

Local Support

We provide full technical support to resellers when integrating with Gateway SRS.

Transition Support

We provide assistance with consolidating existing domain name portfolios onto the Gateway SRS platform. Migration of your domain portfolio is professionally handled by the Gateway Team. Read more about Bulk Transfer options here.

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Connecting to Gateway SRS

EPP, JSON, WHMCS or Web Portal

Extensible Provisioning Protocol

Gateway connects with EPP

EPP is a client-server protocol where all communications use XML as defined by a series of schemas. It provides for simpler domain management and has become the international standard for communication between Registries and Registrars.


Gateway SRS connects with a JSON Api

The Gateway SRS REST API is purpose built for managing domain portfolios. You can manage registry objects including: domains, contacts, dns_sec, hosts and glue.

Complete documentation with POSTMAN is available here.


Gateway connects with a custom WHMCS module

The Gateway SRS Module developed by us, continues to evolve with regular updates.

Download it from the WHMCS Market Place here.

Web Portal

Manage you domains in our web based interface.

Onboarding with Gateway SRS starts with your Portal Account. Sign up and complete all the required information and agree to the necessary RRA's. Manage domains in the Web Portal if you do not wish to connect to Gateway with the JSON API, WHMCS Module or EPP XML. You can also use the Web Portal as your backup option to manage domains should your alternative implementation go down, like your JSON API service for example.

Gateway SRS has a complete OT&E system
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