Webpreneur program with DNS and Gateway

According to wikitionary.org the definition of a webpreneur is as follows: An entrepreneur whose venture relates to the World Wide Web.

Getting online and creating a successful business from your venture is quite a simple process. It certainly was not easy in the early 2000's when you needed a web developer on hand to get you online. You needed skills and a hefty budget to spend for website development. Today this is not the case and anyone with a vision can be up and running with a new idea within hours of its conception, for as little as $0.50c. That said, you still need the right tools and this all starts with a domain name.

When faced with setting up online the first challenge is knowing what to do to get your minimum viable product or service online. We have spoken about a unique digital presence or identity online before and owning a domain name for your product or service is the first step. You can the use "Spin" on our Domain App or Web Domain Manager to forward your domain name to a facebook page, instagram account, blog or youtube channel etc. These tools are all free to use so you will not have the expense of email and web hosting. However you will have a unique online presence with your domain name which is invaulable to begin with. 

Imagine the scenario where you setup a facebook marketplace and buy and sell products online via facebook. This grows into something substantial enough to warrant its own ecommerce store, with product listings, online payments, email and web hosting etc. You then have to consider a domain name and then market this to your existing customers. If you have this from the get go, on all your initial marketing drives you would not need to do this 'rebranding exercise'.

The idea for webreneur.africa is to build a road map for budding web intrepreneurs to use Spin to its full and intended potential. The central idea is that you can use our Spin feature to get other entrepreneurs online. You sell domains and get Spin in place for their businesses.....as a start. When they are ready to move onto web and email hosting, you can then set them up with hosting and partners for e-commerce.

We are in the process of developing material for this and will make it available in due course. Be sure to subsrcibe to our channels to keep posted.

Posted by Louis Ferreira
Louis is the Product Manager for DNS Africa Ltd.