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Promotion Runs until 30th June 2022.

Though once used mainly as a personal journaling platform, blogs are now an essential part of both personal and business communication online. Over 60% of all businesses use blogs to establish credibility, explore new markets, and connect with customers.

As a TLD that is both generic and specific in meaning, we have dotbloggers in a number of industries and areas but there are generally three types of customers for a .blog domain: Personal, business and Brand. Bring your site to the forefront of its kind with a new .blog domain, for all the ways you share. This domain extension is also great for blogging platforms, blog apps, and anyone interested in keeping the conversation going. 

Words count. That's why you write a blog! Your web domain is your blog's portal into the world. Make sure you welcome your visitors in style. Pick a .blog domain name to tell your story the right way.

.BLOG promotional pricing: 

New - $7.00

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Promotional pricing valid until 30 June 2022.

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Posted by Kilana Chohan
Kilana is our Marketing and Communications Coordinator, having graduated from UCT with an Environmental Science and Media Studies degree, her wide range of interests and expertise have brought a fresh and interesting lens to the display and distribution of our products and services.