What Do Domain Names Cost?

Domain names can cost anywhere from $0.50 to over $3000 and transfers and premium domains will cost even more. Domain costs are largely affected by their popularity, Top Level Domains (TLDs) and ccTLDs are some of the most popular domain names out there. Whereas some other domains, such as jozi.biz is one of the cheapest domains available at only $0.50. 

The cost of a domain name varies based on the domain extension (such as .com, .org, .net), domain registrar, availability, and few other factors.

Can you get Domains on Sale? 

We regularly participate in special offers from Registry Providers on both our Gateway Platform and TopDog App and make these available to you. The Sale pricing is usually only valid for the  first registration and then the renewal fees go back to the regular pricing. 

Are Domains ever FREE? 

When someone offers a “free” domain, there is ALWAYS a hook in the bait.

Registering domains costs money. The pricing is regulated by ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is an American multistakeholder group and nonprofit organisation responsible for coordinating the maintenance and procedures of several databases related to the namespaces and numerical spaces of the Internet, ensuring the network's stable and secure operation.) so there is just no way to get a “free” domain without it costing you something.

So, if someone offers a “Free” domain, it’s always with the condition that you’re buying something else, usually hosting, which is usually more expensive (and always more profitable) than domain registration, while also having the advantage of not being cost-regulated by ICANN.

Or, there will always be renewal costs to keep the domain registered to you each year. 

What are the hidden costs of a Domain Name? 

Usually the hidden costs include yearly renewals, email and web hosting services and occasionally transfer costs if the domain you require is already registered. 

By using DNS Africa's new TopDog App, you negate some of these costs by using our nifty Spin feature which allows you to register up to 5 custom email addresses as well as Spin your domain to any place on the web, therefore removing the web hosting costs as your domain such as myshop.africa can be redirected straight to your Facebook page and reduces the need to have a designated website for your business. 

Posted by Kilana Chohan
Kilana is our Marketing and Communications Coordinator, having graduated from UCT with an Environmental Science and Media Studies degree, her wide range of interests and expertise have brought a fresh and interesting lens to the display and distribution of our products and services.