3 new gTLDs available

As a TLD that is both generic and specific in meaning, we have dotbloggers in a number of industries and areas but there are generally three types of customers for a .blog domain: Personal, business and Brand. Bring your site to the forefront of its kind with a new .blog domain, for all the ways you share. 

.Blog Pricing
new, $7
renew, $25
restore, $49
transfer, $25
redeem, $49

As this domain name implies, you are bound to get an Out Of the Ordinary experience with '.OOO'. In the modern market, having a unique domain name is having a unique brand image. Online traction, improved customer acquisition, are just a few attributes that this unique GTLD offers. It's buck-friendly, is easy to type, easy to remember, and offers a ton of space. Why go for a common name that is hard to get, type, remember, and is overpriced? Give your business a unique name and image with .OOO.

.OOO Pricing
new, $24
renew, $24
restore, $97
transfer, $24
redeem, $97

A .wiki domain allows organisations to maximise the diversity of expertise found throughout their organisation, providing a space where all knowledge is equal and highly interactive. Enthusiasts of all varieties use wikis to share insider tips and knowledge and help educate their communities at large. Reach a broad audience today with this captivating domain!

.WIKI Pricing
new, $23
transfer, $23
redeem, $55

Please note: Any discrepancy in pricing will always be resolved by the current pricelist available here.

Posted by Louis Ferreira
Louis is the Product Manager for DNS Africa Ltd.