15 New gTLDS added to Gateway


Online gambling is growing rapidly and the .BET domain is being enthusiastically adopted for poker, casinos, sports betting, racing, bingo, and lotteries. .BET domains are short, memorable and attention-grabbing, giving your brand an instant affiliation with the gambling industry. The .BET domain is versatile and attention-grabbing, adding a serious boost to your personal and professional brand.

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As the Black Label of the internet, a . BLACK website or email address easily identifies premier products or high tier, exclusive services. This new domain is perfectly suited to symbolise anything luxurious or high-end like Diamond.

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.BLUE domains are perfect for organisations focused on water issues or for websites that seek to raise awareness of water conservation and clean drinking water solutions for people all over the world.

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Whether you're helping buyers, seller, or both, a .broker domain shows that you're committed to getting them the deal they'll love. You'll stand out online for your brokerage expertise and make a memorable name for yourself in this industry. 

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.Contact offers a straight forward way for individuals and businesses to connect more with their audiences online. As our world becomes increasingly virtual, it is more important than ever to provide an easy pathway for connection. Show your customers, friends, and community how to get in .contact today!

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Your .forex domain conveys your savvy approach to the foreign exchange market. Whether you're tracking or trading, this domain shows your global expertise, making you stand out among competitors in this fast moving market. 

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A .global domain encourages a modern and open approach to life and business. Ideas, communities and movements can use dot global to establish a greater reach, regardless of their size. Today, it’s not uncommon for individuals and smaller organisations to operate in a worldwide capacity, and .global domain names anchor a web presence that demonstrates that capability.

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Where American businesses use LLC, your .gmbh domain makes your instantly recognisable as Gesellschaft mit beschränkter haftung, - that is, a limited liability company of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Give yourself a memorable online identity, linked to your location with your business name plus .gmbh

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Join the community of internet users who understand a global response is about creating a sustainable future for our planet. A .Green website is an unmistakable way for like-minded individuals, businesses and corporations to advance the international green movement and take part in the global .Green economy

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Simply put, an LLC is a “limited liability company,” which has some features of both partnerships and traditional corporations. A .llc domain name is a great way to show the world you’re a serious business, and that’s a no-brainer for building a successful online presence.Entrepreneurs know the value of good timing, strong naming and being visible to the right people. A well-chosen domain name plus .llc tells your prospective clients that you’re serious about the business of running your business. It’s never too late or too early to protect your company and brand with a unique domain name.

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Stand out among a sea of online brokerage options with a .markets domain. It shows investors and account holders that you're a skilled professional service, ready to help maximise their domestic and international investments with your savvy expertise. 

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A .PINK domain name conveys joy, courage, and optimism. It’s a great way to add some unique flavour to your online presence.

The colour pink is used in fashion and beauty settings, as well as breast cancer awareness and fundraising campaigns. The top-level domain .pink provides a flexible extension that's meant to be used in unique ways.

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Your .realty domain shows buyers and sellers they've found the right place. It conveys your expertise in the real estate market, positioning you as the go-to for the best locations, investment properties, homes and commercial facilities. 

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What is a . red domain? The . red domain name extension will create a namespace in which businesses, organisations and individuals can create an Internet identity tied to the colour and the concept of red.

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.TRADING is a new domain extension that'll enable businesses and individuals to expand their online trading services. In the highly competitive world of trading, you'll need a domain name that stands out from all the other buyers and sellers. A .TRADING domain name is memorable so customers will easily find you online. Whether you're in financial services, a trader, agent, or investor, this domain extension will set you apart from the crowd.

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